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10 Animal Trainers Who Died On The Job

Animal trainers are usually met with both admiration and scorn because on the one hand, many people are in awe of their bravery and special ability to connect with animals while pressure groups and charities see their work in a negative light and believe such practices are endemic in areas of the world where animal rights aren’t as strong.

Whatever your opinion, there’s no doubting that such trainers have a unique gift, but still, wild animals shouldn’t be a human’s muse, and because of this modern viewpoint many won’t exactly be crying once they learn the stories behind the deaths of these animal trainers.

Here are 10 animal trainers who died while on the job…

1. Stephan Miller

Animal trainer Stephan Miller was only 28-years-old when killed by a 5- year-old grizzly bear named Rocky. The death occurred following a bout of heavy wrestling which initially saw Miller take him to the ground. However, being over 7ft tall and weighing 700 pounds, you’d think Miller would have known his limitations when it came to fighting a natural-born predator, but that still didn’t deter him, which was unfortunate as, after only one bite to the neck, he died instantly.

animal trainer death photos

While Miller’s fate was sealed in tragic circumstances, Rocky’s was more fortunate after sanctuary workers decided not to put him down. Yes, Hollywood’s killer bear is still alive, meaning he’s free to continue his career as an animal actor, having already appeared as “Dewey the Killer Bear,” in the Will Ferrell movie, Semi-Pro.

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